Arsenal vs. Manchester United  3 - 0


General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +1 The fourth official indicates that a minimum of two minutes will be added on to the second half. Arsenal are in possession at the moment and are closing in on three very big points on home turf.
90' Ramsey gets his head to a cross at the back post above a few United players but he fails to divert the ball towards goal as the ball trickles over the line for a free-kick to the visitors.
88' Martial runs to the left of Gabriel inside the penalty area and tumbles to the floor under pressure from Arsenal man, who runs away with the ball. There was no real protests from the visitors for a penalty there.
86' CLOSE! Oxlade-Chamberlain gallops down the right wing and sends in a low cross towards Giroud, who guides a right-footed shot straight down the throat of De Gea in a tame effort.
84' Carrick, who has done well with his passing from the middle of the pitch in the second half, feeds in Wilson but the United striker breaks the attack down as his first-time ball backwards to Rooney gets overcooked, sending the United skipper to the flank.
82' J. Wilson enters the game and replaces Mata.
Wilson moves into a good pocket of space to try and receive a pass from Young but the flag raises for offside, though Mertesacker cuts the ball out anyway with solid reading of the game.
Van Gaal rolls the dice for the last time today as Mata comes off in United's final alteration to proceedings. Wilson, lacking in match time this season, enters the pitch as his successor.
81' K. Gibbs enters the game and replaces A. Sánchez.
Sanchez, perhaps carrying a little tweak after being on the receiving end of several tough challenges today, comes off late on in the second half. Gibbs heads on in his place to try and see the game out for Arsenal.
80' It looks as though both sides are about to make their final changes now as Keiran Gibbs and James Wilson are both stripped in their respective kits on the touchline.
78' There's no real desire for a fourth from Arsenal as the Gunners have set out to protect their three-goal swing in this second half. They've done a good job at it as time continues to run out for United to turn things on its head.
76' Giroud, lacking the speed to move away from Smalling, holds the ball up well towards the dugout and tries to then play in a team-mate, but Schweinsteiger cuts out the pass for an Arsenal throw-in.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 38 +32 81
2 38 +29 71
3 38 +34 70
4 38 +30 66
5 38 +14 66
6 38 +18 63
7 38 +14 62
8 38 +13 60
9 38 -14 51
10 38 +6 50
11 38 +4 47
12 38 -10 47
13 38 -10 45
14 38 -14 43
15 38 -12 42
16 38 -22 42
17 38 -14 39
18 38 -21 37
19 38 -28 34
20 38 -49 17
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