Sassuolo vs. Milan  2 - 0

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Minute   Description
90' +4 A loose ball bounces around the middle of the pitch as Milan try to push forward on a late attack, but Biondini knows exactly what is required at this stage of the game and sends a thumping clearance flying back down towards the visitors' penalty area. With little over a minute left to play, that's all that is required of the hosts as they look to hold off their determined opponents.
90' +2 Ball after ball is being flung into the Sassuolo penalty area, but the hosts are doing incredibly well to hold on to their two-goal lead. They now have every available player camped deep inside their own half of the pitch and doing well to cut out every cross that is being launched into the box, resulting in Milan being unable to find any joy in front of goal.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be five minutes of added time.
89' Once again, Milan get forward well but let themselves down at the vital moment with poor passing. This time it's Bertolacci who picks up the ball in space before trying to thread a pass into the path of Boateng, but it's completely overhit and misses the Ghanaian before rolling harmlessly out of play for a goal-kick.
87' A. Bertolacci gets yellow.
Vrsaljko finds himself in an advanced position as he charges through the middle of the pitch and towards the edge of the Milan penalty area, but his determined run is brought to a painful end by Bertolacci, who dives into the Croatian and brings him crashing to the ground with a poor sliding challenge that results in a yellow card for the midfielder.
86' D. Falcinelli enters the game and replaces D. Berardi.
Sassuolo have decided to make a late change, with Berardi, who receives a rousing round of applause from the Sassuolo fans as he makes his way off the pitch, being replaced by Falcinelli for the final few minutes of the game.
85' Chance for Bacca! Milan push forward on one of their best attacking moves of the second half as they work the ball around quickly deep inside the Sassuolo half of the pitch. A thumping low pass is then fired across the face of goal, where the Colombian striker is patiently waiting, but he's unable to get a foot on it and it ends up flying just an inch or so past his outstretched boot.
84' Sassuolo are finally able to win the ball back after a lengthy period on the back foot, and, understandably, they are in no rush to send it into the Milan penalty area. Instead, they hold on to possession deep down the right wing and look to run down the clock, with Berardi, who has been excellent today, doing well to keep the ball away from Antonelli and Bonaventura.
82' K. Boateng enters the game and replaces K. Honda.
Milan have made their final alteration of the game, and it's an attacking one, with Honda making way for Boateng.
81' Milan are continuing to push a plethora of players forward in search of a late goal, but, as has been the case for the vast majority of the game, it just isn't working for them inside the Sassuolo half of the pitch. The hosts are defending resolutely and making life very difficult for Bacca and Menez, both of whom have barely had a sniff on goal.

Serie A table

# Team MP D P
1 38 +55 91
2 38 +48 82
3 38 +42 80
4 38 +12 67
5 38 +18 64
6 38 +9 61
7 38 +6 57
8 38 +0 54
9 38 -2 50
10 38 -3 46
11 38 -9 46
12 38 -3 45
13 38 -6 45
14 38 -12 42
15 38 -13 40
16 38 -27 39
17 38 -25 39
18 38 -20 38
19 38 -41 31
20 38 -29 28
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