Juventus vs. Ferencvaros  2 - 1

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
Chiesa is fouled by Botka in his own half. Juventus keep possession from the free-kick and that's that!
90' +3 F. Chiesa gets yellow.
Chiesa is booked for some nonsense. Juventus take the opportunity to drop back into their half. There's no way they're letting this slip now.
90' +2 Morata has scored a goal for Juventus! Assist by J. Cuadrado.
GOAL! JUVENTUS 2-1 FERENCVAROS! Morata breaks Ferencvaros' resistance! Cuadrado gets on the end of a ball down the right and fires it towards the far post. Morata meets it with his head. Dibucz saves it but it squirms under the keeper's arms and into the net!
Cuadrado's cross was a peach but Ferencvaros will be kicking themselves. Dibusz didn't cover himself in glory there. The keeper saved Morata's shot, then accidentally knocked it in with his arm as he landed.
90' There'll be four more minutes of this. You imagine Ferencvaros will be disappointed now if they can't see the draw out.
89' A late Juventus winner doesn't seem forthcoming at the moment. Rabiot and Ramsey look to play a one-two but the attack breaks down. Rabiot barges Boli off the ball to hand Ferencvaros a free-kick.
87' Ferencvaros get a timely free-kick in their defensive third as Rabiot fouls Laidouni, giving them the chance to move forward en masse for the first time in a while. That will suit them just fine.
85' Blazic beats Morata to a pass and tries to send Ferencvaros upfield. Cuadrado shields the ball and Heister clips the Colombian's heels. It's a free-kick.
83' A. Rabiot enters the game and replaces R. Bentancur.
Ramsey also comes on for Arthur. Juventus might benefit from the Welshman's drive from midfield at this late stage.
Bentancur's shot is his last act of the game. Rabiot comes on in his stead.
Juventus' corner peters out into nothing as Cuadrado commits handball. It looks like Juve are slightly running out of ideas.
82' A. Ramsey enters the game and replaces Arthur.
80' Danilo gets yellow.
Danilo is booked for a slightly dangerous challenge for a header with Uzuni. 

Serie A table

# Team MP D P
1 25 +37 59
2 25 +18 53
3 25 +30 52
4 25 +28 49
5 25 +12 47

NB I table

# Team MP D P
1 24 +34 57
2 25 +5 45
3 24 +18 37
4 25 +2 35
5 25 -2 35
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